Wednesday, February 21, 2007

UV filters

Turn the page, by the Streets
Powder days in Borovets,
3 weeks after the avy


Brace yourself, cos this goes deep
I'll show you the secrets, the sky and the birds

Actions speak louder than words
Stand by me my apprentice
Be brave, clench fists.

Eyes transfixed with a piercing gaze
One hand clutching a sword raised to the sky
They wonder how, they wonder why

The sky turns white, it all becomes clear
They felt lifted from their fears
They shed tears in the light
After 6 dark years

Young bold soldiers, the fire burns
Cracks and smoulders
5 years older and wiser
The fires are burning on fire, never tire

Slay warriors in the forests and on higher
We sing, hear the strings rising

In the afterlife gladiators meet their maker
Float through the wheat fields and lakes of blue water
To the next life from the fortress



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