Tuesday, December 12, 2006

4 am

И am not too sure what is the language that the night is speaking at the moment, the uncertainties of the alt+shift switch between bulgarian and english, or is anyone reading this at all, and in what language? So what language am I when it's 4 am and the nortern lights inside my head are bright on? It's not that I don't want to sleep, or can't sleep , it's just that I feel something happening around me, inside of me, something deep, something lonely, a bit sad, but familiar, like the cold and dark night in the middle of a dark winter, and I am 8, walking in the park i knee-deep snow and the shadows of the trees are reaching towards me, the snow is white in the light of the full moon, and it's another day I will never remember, but won't regred living, thousand smiles on faces of children long grown up, frozen snow balls in mid-air about to crash into the walls of snow fortresses, and noone bothers building silly snowmen anymore.... that feeling, of remembering//
Опитвам се , опитвам се и не мога да уловя всичките нюанси на нощта дето са се разпръснали из стаята ми в светлината екрана, трудно е да си сам непрекъснато , щот не се знае кога празнотата ще се промъкне през пролуките в пода на къщата и ще се промъкне през кабела на слушалките между два удара на барабана в някоя такава песен,.. four tet,unspoken

заспивам, заспивам, баввно.. заспи в а м


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