Wednesday, April 05, 2006

why do we go there? what do we study..

these are the questions that the following pictures might answer,
all taken by un underwater ROV ( remotely operated vehicle) controlled and operated by Thomas the Swedish..

a patch of Lophelia pertusa coral reef covered by a certain unknown to science ( to me) sponge. the coral provides shelter for certain species of crustaceans ( crabs), which on the other hand keep the coral clean by eating all the algae and otehr epifauna that grows on the polyps

a sea anemonie ( phyllum Scyphozoa.. uhmm class..whatever) and some shrimps

the sony hdv camera positioned close to a coral patch, it's programmed to make 1 minute of video recordings every 6 hours , that is if it works properly. Based on these recordings I will try to figure out what corals feed on , how do they bahave in differnt current conditions, compare that in situ data with observations in the current flume that we have here in the lab, possibly observe other phenomena at the reef. The camera is positioned at 107,2 m depth, at 58°59'815" N 10°57'592" E

the particle camera, somewhere close-by, contact me for exact coordinates if interested

another Lophelia pertusa ( italics) coral mound with some sponges and soft tissue corals growing on it.


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