Friday, June 26, 2009


Its this time of the year again :

seasons are changing, 4 months ago we crossed Serbia and Croatia in the midst of the deepest winter on our way to the French Alps, to the enchanted ski republic of La Grave, where dreams are reality and skiing and mountains a way of life,

then time went on and it was spring again, then summer started and I was on the same road going west from Sofia on and on across the fields of gold and winding passes through the river gorges and then the planes of Serbia.. and wo behold - it was summer all over, green and sunny, longest days and endless paisajes... flashback after flashback of the same places as they looked in the dark dark February... such a different world it is without the madness of the snow.. This time the endless verticals of the Alps was replaced by deepest blue and smiles of the Adriatic, turn left on the Zagreb roundabout and head out to sea, and its like Andalucia and the sounds of flamenco, but without the heat and that unfamiliar feeling of being far far away, it was close and known, like the backyard of my grandma's summer house that I would come back to years after the last school summer holiday. The color is white, the rocks are karsts, like cheese cake torn into milion pieces by some velikan milions of years ago and thrown to the winds, then time passed and magical forests grew all over the barren hills, a mountain barrier to keep the Sea from the eyes of the peoples of the valleys with a magical road with bear and wolf bridges and enchanted villages on the sides, up and up and then down.. and then BLUE.... Would the eyes of a girl be blue if it wasn't for the sea?
Paisajes varios busco libertad, sings my friend the Colombian with the Spanish and it takes just two ears and a road to have one of those moments that reach deep

( click play and aide)
Winding roads through millenia forests and enchanted stone-white fences that split the land from the sea, down the steep slopes that would be oh so lovely to ski on in hip deep powder, the vultures and the sky, all in one in a place that was and will be in perfect balance for as long as we keep our eyes open and our hands and minds busy /.
And let the eyes talk now for they can speak better:


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This is an absolutely amazing picture!

Great entry overall! Drop me a line if you are in Germany!

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