Friday, January 13, 2006


I'm back and I spent the first 5 days in hospital with malaria, tropical malaria, Plasmodium falciparum , the nastiest of them all, the one that could kill you within a week unless you take those magical pills that kill all the plasmodia. Well I took them allright, and the road to perdition was long and nasty, most notably the notorius headaches and that nasty weakness in the body... and they say it could get much worse if malaria stays untreated, I believe them. Millions of people die from it every year in Africa , as they don't have the money to buy the 6 magical pills to save them, life ain't fair if the difference between life and death is only a couple of dollars, euros, leva...
Anyways, I should publish lots of photos from the last 10 days of the trip, after my brother came over things got rather exciting and we visited some really amazing places - we went 600 km up the coast into the tropical beach paradise areas, did snorkeling, scuba diving, lots of swimming and bodyboarding, lots of local sites and people to see and discover; met the local wildlife - sea turtles laying eggs on the beaches of Ponda de Oro, and the savanna mammals in a national park in Swaziland - elephants, hippoes, lions, cheetas, white rhinos, tons of birds and anthelopes.. yey, a real african safari.
and then the 2 day high fever trip from Maputo to Sofia via Harare, Nairobi, Cairo and Istanbul, including an overnight stop at Hilton hotel for the expence of Kenya Airways ( nabibi namaguana)....


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