Thursday, December 08, 2005

well Im in mozambique, and things look rather nice here... of course Im in no safari park with elephants and lions running around, rather in a concrete socialist block from the portugese colonial times in the capital Maputo.. that's where my cousin and her husband live. I can see the Indian ocean thru the window of the room I'm sitting in , there's a 20 storey building right next to it and a portugese lady is smoking a cigarette on the balcony..
The first day was rather messed up arriving at the Maputo airport after a 40 hour trip was quite a surreal event. ( Sofia -Istanbul by bus, 12 hour stay in Istanbul, 7 hour flight to Nairobi via Cairo, 4 hours flight to Johannesburg and another 1 hour flight to Maputo from there). I had a quick look around the city yesterday and today and things look rather nice.. I will leave the photos speak for themselves.. they are mostly from the trip actually, chai cups from Istanbul, views of night-time Cairo from the airplane, people on the streets of Maputo..
We're hopefully going off to an island 20 km from Maputo tomorrow to spend the weekend with friends of Ruja and Gareth, that's if the weather doesnt turn bad and we can't take the boat to there..


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